Meet Elettre: The 3D printed dancing robot

R2R and Smartrobot Solutions from the Netherlands built ‘pole dance robot’ Elettre by using the dddrop 3D printer. Richard Kuijpers and Richard Schaper are extremely proud of this dancing lady. The robot was built in just three weeks, with handmade parts and a ‘body’ that was made with their dddrop 3D printers. “What you see now is a first version. It shows only a fraction of what we can technically already do.”

Elettre is a so-called cyborg with human dance moves. Is that a first in robot land? There is no robot that dances like Elettre, she moves very human-like. And this is only the first prototype. The ‘pole dance robot’ must be able to do much more in the future; for example, actually dance to a rhythm.

Robots have been able to dance for some time now. ,,But those are actually no more than a kind of machines with wiper motors, ” Schaper of R2R explains. If the Elettre software has been further developed, she can dance as people do in a club on the dance floor, Schaper promises.

The main function of Elettre is to attract attention. And that works! The reactions are extremely enthusiastic. Several companies have already indicated wanting to rent the cyborg for a trade show or event.”

TIP: read the entire article here, watch the video and see Elettre actually dancing.

Source: De Gelderlander.