3D printing becomes more and more popular. There are always new projects being started, so as the Cultural center Gruitpoort in Doetinchem. Together with StadsLAB Doetinchem, Gruitpoort started a new project called ‘Achterhoek in 3D’. Achterhoek in 3D is a contest among nine municipalities in the Achterhoek region with each the challenge to submit five landmarks in their community. dddrop has the honor to participate in this project, by delivering two printers today.

achterhoek in 3d: dddrop 3d printers

Claudia van Bree, employee of the Cultural center and responsible for ‘Achterhoek in 3D’, explains the project. “Inhabitants, but also outsiders will be asked to vote on their favourite landmarks, that represents the Achterhoek or their municipality the best. The nine buildings with the most votes, will be announced in January and designed in SOLIDWORKS software. Afterwards the designs will be printed by the dddrop 3D printer”. Eventually the 3D models will be exhibited permantly at the city museum of Doetinchem and at public areas in the participating municipalities.

According to Claudia, the aim of the project is to create engagement among people in the Achterhoek, but also to attract tourists. “We are thinking of a tourist attraction, by organizing a cycle route along all the buildings that are printed”. Overall, the goal of this project is to motivate people to participate, by designing the nine buildings into 3D models in SOLIDWORKS software and convert them into a print. All of this will be supported by dddrop and CAD2M.

The Cultural center decided to ask dddrop and CAD2M to be part of this special project. The reason, according to Claudia: “dddrop is well known and located in the Achterhoek”. CAD2M and dddrop will give several trainings to guide the 3D working group in the process. Also, dddrop delivers 3D printers with a closed casing, this prevents the product from warping. Currently, the 3D fablab in the Gruitpoort has only printers with an open casing, to show people what’s happening inside. However, this makes the models during printing vulnerable. If a visitor accidentally pushes against the printer, the 3D model might get damaged. With the dddrop 3D printer, the casing is closed, which protect the model during the printing process.

dddrop 3d printers

The purpose is that the models will be established by inhabitants of the Achterhoek. Anyone who is interested can participate in the project. Every Tuesday evening there is a 3D working group at the Cultural center. In their 3D fablab you’re able to practice the in and outs of 3D printing. Also, this project will be realized by the 3D working group, starting at the beginning of 2017. Participation is free of charge.

We will keep you well informed about any updates concerning the project ‘Achterhoek in 3D’. For more information about the 3D working group, please visit the website of the Gruitpoort.