The project Achterhoek in 3D is in full swing.

Do you remember the project ‘Achterhoek in 3D’? In this project the nine landmarks that represent the Achterhoek region the best are 3D printed. For this unique project the participants use the dddrop 3D printer. Now that the buildings with the most votes are known, the real work begins…

3d printing landmarks

First prints

De Waag in Doesburg, Oude St. Helena church in Aalten and the quarry of Winterswijk are already printed. At the moment they practice on a smaller scale, but eventually the buildings will be 30 cm tall. According to Hans ter Beek, volunteer at Gruitpoort, the dddrop 3D printer delivers good work: “The edges of the church in Aalten are printed very securely. The 3D printer is not only very stable, but it is also a reliable printer. For example, I wasn’t present at the explanation of the printer, but still I received good quality 3D prints. It’s a matter of transferring your file on a SD card, insert the card, switch the printer on and it will find the file and it starts printing.”

The 3D working group consists of 7 men. However, schools are also involved in this project. In addition to a permanent trainee, students of Ulenhof and Graafschap college assist in making the drawings.

3d printing landmarks


With the quarry of Winterswijk, the 3D group faced the problem of recognisability: “Basically, this quarry could be everywhere, there is nothing that screams it’s the quarry of Winterwijk,” says Ter Beek. However, it appears that the buildings behind the quarry are typical for the location. That’s why we are going to include these buildings into the print. Also, we decided to cut the quarry in half, so it creates space for the buildings and people can easily make the connection with Winterwijk.”

Besides the quarry, the group faces another challenge: Villa Ruimzicht. Ter Beek continues: “This hotel contains a lot of details, such as the porch. We still need to decide how we are going to realize this part of the print. Perhaps we can print the porch in two parts and secure it afterwards. Once the drawing of the porch is done, we are going to play with it. If several attemps fail, we will ask CAD2M for help. “


“The presentation of the landmarks is planned for November,” says Eefje Ernst, project leader of Achterhoek in 3D. The buildings will be exhibited permanently at the City Museum of Doetinchem. What else is happening? Eefje continues: “Soon we will have a discussion with several interested parties to see what more we can do with this project. There are already several good ideas, we might make a 3D print course out of it!”

For more information, visit the website of Stadslab and Gruitpoort.