abs filament

What is ABS filament?

ABS is a strong and solid material, that doesn’t break easily. This filament is particularly suitable for industrial applications. An example of such application is the manufacturing of bumpers and dashboards in the automotive industry. Also, ABS is used for protective covering of various machines, tools and household appliances. Please keep into account that this filament release an unpleasant odour during printing. Therefore we do not advise to print ABS in an enclosed area, such as an office. We recommend a room with plenty of air circulation.

♦ By the purchase of dddrop ABS filament you will receive the dddrop filament print settings.

Specifications ABS filament

Features  Suitable for industrial applications
 Suitable for strong prototypes
 Suitable for end-use parts
 Diameter  1.75 mm
 Weight  1 KG
 Mass density 1,06 g/cm³
 Tensile strength 39 Mpa
 Failure strain 30%
 E-mode 2000 Mpa
 Impact strength 2 KJ/m2
 Extruder temperature 260 °C
 Print bed temperature  120 °C


* The values are a indication for the print materials, no rights can be derived from this information.