3DG-Project enters new markets with the dddrop 3D printer!

Anyone who has once bought a house in Belgium, is probably aware of the EPB certificate. This certificate is the same as the Dutch Energy Label and is required when selling a house. The company 3DG-Project BVBA is specialized in issuing these EPB certificates.

In the past, they made the EPB with 2D drawings of i.a. the insulation. Since three years 3DG uses 3D mockups instead of drawings. With the purchase of the dddrop 3D printer, 3DG also started making 3D mockups for the sale of newly constructed houses.

dddrop 3D printer review 3dg-project

“Compared with its competitors, dddrop delivers the best prints and it is still very affordable!” 

At the tradeshow RapidPro 2016 Drieskens came across several 3D printers, but in the end he chose dddrop. The building volume, closed casing, quality of the prints and the reliability were the main features why he chose the dddrop 3D printer: “When I start a print on the dddrop, I know for sure it is finished the next morning”, according to Roland Drieskens, owner 3DG-Project.

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dddrop 3D printer review 3dg-project