dddrop 3D printers firmware upgrade 170703: what is new?

We are always focused on improving customer experience and constantly improve our products to match customer needs. The new firmware 170703 offers great new features.

Firmware changes from 170428 to 170703:

  • Changed USB printing screen to smart printin screen with changed layout
  • Removed motor timout when printing via usb. Could cause the motors to disable when the print was paused in while smart printing.
  • Added firmware version to hardware specifications output (M513), Firmware version: 170102(d)B/D/S where (d) stands for day version.
  • Fixed the possibility of incorrect printime registration caused by an overlow in the millis() timer.
  • Smart printing screen can be disabled (M721 D) and enabled (M721 E)
  • Printing time is now registered while USB printing and SD printing (when printer is active and the setpoint of the active nozzle or bed is above 150 and 40 degree respecively)
  • Extra parameters are added to M706, a maximum head and back fan speed. Backfan (M706 K0..125) and front fan M706 J0..255, total command: M706 Bxx Ixx Hxx Txx Kxx Jxx
  • The room control parameter command M706 no longer requires all the parameters to be specified, for example M706 H40 is now a valid command.
  • The front fan will be turned off when changing the filament using the change filament menu.
  • The print finished message is no longer shown when the printer is still cooling down (after which is moves).
  • The print finished message is now shown with use of the M717 command (added to the print settings).
  • The smart printing sceen now shows the serialnumber of the printer which is used as a login on the smart module.
  • In the smart printing screen two lines of 20 characters are available for displaying information. Line 1: M718 abcdefghijklmnopqrst, line 2 M718 abcdefghijklmnopqrst.
  • Initial speed of the roomcontrol fans are changed, back fans are off and front fans runs at a lower speed.

Upgrade your firmware!
Before upgrading your firmware, please make sure you use the newest print settings so it is compatible. Go to our support page and choose your 3D printer. Download the newest settings and then upgrade your firmware. Do you need help? Give us a call: +31 (0)314 377050.