dddrop 3D printers printsettings upgrade 170707: what is new?

We are always focused on improving customer experience and constantly improve our products to match customer needs.
The improved printsettings in version 170707 makes printing with the dddrop even better…

Overall improvements:

  • Retraction improved
  • Slowdown activated.
  • Price calculation improved (Simplify 3D).
  • Higher transfer speed to reduce stringing.
  • Brushing procedure improved.
  • Virtual starting point changed.

Single head printin:


  • Infill improved.
  • Quality improvement outlines
  • Support printing improved
  • Z offset added for faster material change


  • Support printing improved

Double head printin:

  • Offset fixed double extruder printing
  • Support printing improved


Try the new settings!
Go to our support page and choose your 3D printer, download the newest printsettings, then load them in your slicer program.
Do you need help? Give us a call: +31 (0)314 377050.