10% discount on blue and white filaments

We’re proud… Very proud of our local soccer club De Graafschap! This club, representing our home base Doetinchem, has been promoted to the premiere league last weekend. The past few days Doetinchem has already been celebrating, and of course we’d like to join in! Therefore, we now give a 10% discount on our blue and white PLA and ABS filaments. The perfect opportunity to print your own Graafschap gadgets! You can now order the filaments with promotion code: graafschap.

Free filament
Don’t own a 3D printer yet? But are you planning to purchase one? This is the right time: when you buy a dddrop Leader Twin or a dddrop Leader PRO in May or June, you will receive 10 blue and white filaments for free! Your first prints in Graafschap colors blue and white… A great memory of this year’s promotion!