dddrop has Exciting News in the Near Future

Doetinchem, March 4, 2020 – During an exclusive event CAD2M, as the proud Benelux reseller of dddrop, presented to the world the newest dddrop 3D printer for the first time: the RAPID ONE – a fully customizable, sizable 3D printer.

A new era in 3D printing
At CAD2M, developers know that every engineer has different wishes and needs. For more than 25 years they have supported many complete product development processes in the manufacturing industry. CAD2M strives to organize every process as efficiently as possible and the new dddrop RAPID ONE 3D printer fits in perfectly with this vision. From now on every engineer can compile his or her own 3D-print platform, entirely according to the wishes and needs that match his or her product (development process).

“We have gathered our years of experience and knowledge of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry in the new design,” says Alfred Uytdewilligen, owner of CAD2M and head of the R&D department of dddrop 3D printers, “we have designed a machine that is tailor-made for innovative professionals, nothing stands in the way of their creativity ”.

Configure your own 3D printer
The unique thing about the dddrop RAPID ONE 3D printer is the scalable frame. Every 3D printer is made to measure. Choose the dimensions of the print surface you need, assuming a minimum size of 300 x 300 x 300 mm, scalable in all X – Y and Z directions. For example, a print bed that is too small for producing small series quickly is a thing of the past. In addition to size or quantities of models that can be printed in one go, dddrop 3D printers wants to offer the engineer every freedom of design, also in the field of various printing materials. Each print material needs a different print configuration to achieve the perfect 3D print. That is why the dddrop RAPID ONE has a closed print chamber that is temperature-controlled and an easily exchangeable print head. These print heads can also be assembled completely by yourself so that any desired material can be printed. The printhead configuration takes into account, among other things, the nozzle temperature levels as well as the size and material the nozzle is made of. In addition, thanks to the liquid-cooled system in the print head, the temperature is perfectly regulated for the ultimate print result. Whether large raw models need to be printed quickly or very detailed models of a specific material, the dddrop RAPID ONE creates the right environment for a successful process.

Launch event
CAD2M has chosen to launch the new 3D printer during the 10th edition of RapidPro in Veldhoven. However, with developing outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the Netherlands, CAD2M has decided to not participate in the live event due to concerns for the compay’s employees health. Instead, CAD2M has decided to host an exclusive event it the company’s building to celebrate the launch of the new dddrop RAPID ONE. The event was broadcast on the CAD2M and dddrop social media channels.

dddrop team
3D printing being indispensable in the manufacturing industry is self-evident for CAD2M, which is why CAD2M has its own dddrop team. This team has many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, offers assistance in thinking about product development process that is as efficient as possible, offers assistance with configuring the right dddrop RAPID ONE 3D printer, provides training and has a highly skilled help desk. In-house 3D printing becomes accessible to every engineer with the guidance of CAD2M.

For more information please visit the dddorp RAPID PRO launch website: launch.dddrop.com