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Professional dddrop Leader 3D printer

The dddrop Leader 3D printer is a beautiful printer with a huge printing volume and pure focus on functionality. All customer suggestions are engineered into the dddrop Leader: 100% customer driven! The free Slic3r printer software is included with every printer with all dddrop Leader settings made for you: working within 5 minutes on your PC! For the more demanding user dddrop will deliver Simplify3D software (see our price list for the cost including the dddrop settings). The software allows you to easy turn your 3D CAD models into a 3D printed model. Within minutes you can also print 3D models downloaded from the web!

Thanks to the heated bed and the dddrop print bed cleaner it is easy to print on the glass bed with perfect bonding. Our 0.4mm nozzle (other sizes possible) is specially developed to avoid blockage and deliver perfect extrusion in all situations. Active cooling of the print layers makes it possible to print complex 3D models with horizontal, unsupported areas.

If you’re looking for a printer that can print materials up to 300 degrees Celsius and able to print large products and small detailed models: the dddrop Leader 3D printer is your perfect match! Find the dddrop Leader in our online shop.

* With the TWIN conversion package you can turn your dddrop Leader 3D printer into a double headed printer anytime! Also known as the dddrop Leader TWIN 3D printer. The second head allows the use of soluble support materials to print virtually any complex & thin walled parts successfully. Please check our dddrop TWIN conversion package for more information.

Included by the purchase of dddrop Leader 3D printer

  • One year warranty for parts and repair hours (at dddrop in Doetinchem)*
  • One year professional helpdesk
  • Slic3r software and settings all dddrop filaments

* For more information please take a look at: Silver support contract.

Specifications dddrop Leader

Features One print head
SD card printing: SMART: WiFi/USB/LAN/Hotspot
Conditioned and closed enclosure
LED light
Printer dimensions 53 x 66 x 57cm
Build volume 330 x 310 x 305mm
Max.weight 30 KG
Heated print bed 130 °C
Max. printing speed 150mm/s
Print layer height 0.01 – 0.4mm
Nozzle diameter 0.2 – 0.4 std. – 0.6 – 0.8mm
PA (Nylon), PC, Metaal-, Carbon- and Wood filled