dddrop Smart Module upgrade: what is new?

We are always focused on improving customer experience and constantly improve our products to match customer needs. That is why we are working hard on the Smart module and it offers great new features.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the printer would heat up to a wrong temperature during a dual extruder print
  • Fixed a bug where the unpause button would become unavailable
  • Fixed application crash which happened after reconnecting to a network too many times


  • Remember printers you have used in the app for easy cloud access
  • Added a registration procedure on the cloud
  • Hotspot password can be used as master access key
  • Nickname changes do not require a reboot anymore
  • Website address (ip) for the printer added to the settings screen
  • An email address can be registered on the cloud
  • Added an indicator which shows up when cloud connection is enabled but not possible
  • When logging in in a local network, the website will continue asking the printer for the login name until it gets a reply
  • Added a warning to the start button to prevent accidentally starting a print when there are objects on the print bed
  • Added viewer number for cloud
  • Add icon to delay number
  • Don’t show duplicate entries in the scan screen for the android app
  • General improvements

Get started with the Smart Module!
Before using your Smart Module, we advice you to download the latest Smart Quick Start Guide. Go to our support page and choose your printer. Download the Quick Start Guide and Smart app. Also, there is a link to the Smart website. Do you need help? Give us a call: +31 (0)314 377050.