petg filament


  • Diameter: 1.75mm.
  • Weight: 1kg.
  • Print temperature: 230-250°C.
  • Print bed temperature: 75˚C.
  • Storage: cool & dry (15-25°C), away from UV light.

Note: The values shown are an indication and could differ between different printers. Please refer to our support page for more information.

What is PET-G filament?

PET-G is a glycol-modified version of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is known to everyone through the use of transparent deposit bottles (PET bottles). The main printing benefits of PET-G are that it is almost as strong and durable as ABS, but just as easy to print as PLA. Little or no problems arise with the shrinking and warping of the PCB. Basically, this does not even require a heated printbed.

With PET-G a second glycol was added during the polymerization. This provides an important advantage over PET plastic. When PET is heated several times, it becomes blurred and brittle, with PET-G this does not happen.

PET-G is a very strong material that is also flexible: it can be stretched twice its own length before it breaks. Thanks to the combination of strength, toughness and flexibility, it is extremely suitable for parts that move a lot and where material fatigue lurks. In addition, this material is often used in the food industry. PET-G is the only filament that has been approved for use with food.

Tip: use PET-G for products that move a lot and where material fatigue lurks.

Manuals and settings are available on the dddrop support page.