What is PVA filament?

PVA stands for Polyvinyl Alcohol. A soft and biodegradable polymer that is highly sensitive to moisture. When PVA is exposed to water, it dissolves, which makes it perfect to function as a support material for 3D printing. PVA can be used to fill cavities and hollow spaces in the model design which allows more complex shapes. After printing, PVA support filament can be removed easily and with no marking by dissolving in warm water.

Manuals and settings are available on the dddrop support page.


  • Diameter: 1.75mm.
  • Weight: 1kg.
  • Print temperature: 220 – 250°C.
  • Melt temperature: 163°C.
  • Storage: cool & dry (15-25°C), away from UV light.

Note: The values shown are an indication and could differ between different printers. Please refer to our support page for more information.