I want to take a moment to talk about what really makes the dddrop printer different.
We are always comparing products, specs and support: What really makes the difference is the team behind these numbers. The passion and drive in our team is really amazing! After more than 25 years of innovation and building companies I feel excited about the team I am working with today!

We are not proud of our printers, but we are proud of what customers make with our printer…

I realize I put much pressure on my team, to be the best: Sometimes too much…
Our development-, sales- and support-team who allow the customer to build their ideas.
On Valentine’s Day it is time to emphasize this key factor for the dddrop 3D printer success.

But there is more…hands

Our team is not only the people inside dddrop, developing the 3D printer tailored to our customers need: Our customers are of paramount importance for the development and success of the dddrop 3D printers.
 While the dddrop internal team is developing the printer to be most reliable and user friendly, driven by customer feedback, customers find and share the best materials and printer settings to make the printer awesome! All new features are directly coming from customer input!
 Customers even play a huge role in getting new customers by enthusiastically promote the dddrop printers to others.

It’s the people that make the dddrop 3D printer great…

I feel grateful and humble being able to work with all of you.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Alfred Uytdewilligen | CEO – dddrop 3D printers