dddrop Leader PRO:
The future of professional 3D printing is now.

The new member in the dddrop leader family is the dddrop Leader PRO. The PRO has the the same base as the very successful dddrop Leader TWIN and is packed with all the features you can imagine:

Intelligent Room Control:

Controlling the build space temperature for every print you make, different and optimal for every material your print. This is essential for printing big models with more high tech materials like Metal, PA, PC, Carbon-filled materials etc..

Filament Management System:

This module detects material states like, out-of-material or material-stuck. Based on your preferences it either pauses (and sends you an E-mail with the Smart module installed) and allows you to resolve the issue or switches to the second nozzle and continues automatically. Last but not least: This feature works with all filaments, you are not bound to our materials but can print any material you want. With Filament management you are not wasting materials and time by either unfinished models or having a stack of unfinished reels. Both problems belong to the past…

Smart Control:

The smart module is the heart of the dddrop Leader PRO. It allows you to control you printer by your phone, tablet or desktop. With SD/USB/WiFI and LAN connectivity. You can print on a printer in the USA while being in Europe, with your phone! All communication is totally encrypted and communication is securely outside your company blocking entry to you local network. We do not keep or trace your data unwanted: You are in control, totally. Even Defense departments run dddrop Smart printers. The camera shows your print status live. The smart module updates automatically so you get the latest and no worries. With smart, you never ‘touch’ your printer again.

Swappable bed:

The bed in the Leader TWIN is also changeable but with the PRO it is a breeze. It allows you to swap build-plates with different materials and allows you to print high-tech materials with their perfect base.

Beside the obvious things the PRO has many improved details that make your 3D printing better, for flawless prototypes or reliable production. Warranty? One full year with no limitation on 3D print hours.