filamentdetectiondddrop has finished the development of the filament detection module for it’s LEADER printer line. It was a feature most wanted by our customers, so it got our highest priority!

The module adds filament management capabilities to your dddrop 3D printer:

  • It can detect out-of-filament and filament-entanglement situations.
  • It will the pause your print to allow you to change the filament while keeping printer temperatures at operation levels. This way you are not printing “air” and destroy your unfinished print wasting filament.
  • It can also switch automatic to the second print-nozzle/filament-spool and print from there: It is FULLY AUTOMATIC and UNATTENDED. This feature only works on a dddrop LEADER TWIN 3D printer.

So imagine not losing prints and wasting filament anymore.

Start using-up your old unfinished filament rolls and stop wasting money.
It will be available in our webshop soon!