Have you already updated your filament basic settings to 01_ABS_PM3_S3D_180418 ?

Mid-April we released this important update of our ‘filament basic settings’. These are basic settings to get you started and find the best settings for your products.

Code Explanation

01          = Setting number
ABS       = Material
PM3       = For printer type PM3 and later versions
S3D       =  Setting file for Simplify 3D
180418  =  Setting file version

Secondly we released a new firmware version 180418(1) and a new smart software version 1804111. The firmware is backwards compatible with Printer PM1, PM2 and all PM3.

The most important features/improvements are:

  • After the bed levelling routine the printer is homed and the motors are disabled
  • Mosfet loom is now compatible with the heatbed V1 & V2 (PWM mode)
  • LED toggle with Smart and Push button (PRO only)
  • Minor z-correction improvements
  • Added Z-offset menu such that the Z-offset can be controlled from the menu.

Do not hesitate to contact Tech-Support for tips or support.

You can download these settings on our website: