Fitting cabinet for dddrop 3D-printers

Our dddrop team is always busy with the development of new products. This dedication resulted in the dddrop EVO Twin, the follower of the dddrop Leader Pro. This new 3D-printer, which has a huge touchscreen, has been launched recently. According to dddrop, the perfect moment to also launch a compliant cabinet.

Collaboration with FM Industries
When looking for a professional and trustful partner, dddrop got in touch with the German FM Industries Group. This is a worldwide operating organisation and market leader in cabinets for printers and copy machines. From a one-stop-shopping concept the company controls the whole chain successfully, but there is more. “Eventually, we would like to be able to offer a solution to everyone and every brand. That’s why we are now developing, besides cabinets for traditional printers and copy machines, cabinets for 3D-printers and workstations” says Eelco van Ommeren, responsible for sales and marketing at FM Industries.

Development cabinet
Together with FM Industries, a perfectly matching lower cabinet was developed. To create a beautiful whole, the design is completely in line with the dddrop 3D-printers. To let the print process run as smooth as possible, the stabililty of the cabinet was another important aspect in the designing process. This resulted in a decent mobile cabinet, with an ideal working height and the offer of enough storage space for filament, printer bed cleaner and other accessories. With the extendable platform you always have your tablet (with the dddrop smart module) or other accessories close by. Because of the mobility of the cabinet, the filaments are easy to change at the back of the printer. The dddrop cabinet is now available in our webshop.