New: swappable print bed

The development department of dddrop is continuously working on the further development of the 3D printers to make them even more user-friendly. The new swappable print bed is a result of this. All dddrop Leader Pro printers are equipped with this by default. The improvements of the new glass plate are mainly in the temperature control and the advantages in fixing a 3D print model by using an adhesive spray.

Most of the printing materials, also called filaments, quickly warp when they cool down too quickly, especially on the print bed itself. There are several ways to prevent warping on the print bed as much as possible, such as; placing a raft, temperature control or fixing the model by using dimafix.

Temperature control
In 3D printing we want as little temperature fluctuations as possible, especially when printing high-tech filaments, which are very sensitive to warping. The method of heating and cooling has been optimized in the new print bed, which regulates temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the print bed remains a lot more stable. The glass plate does not expand when it is heated up and does not shrink when it cools down. This means that the printed layers are better connected and more neatly laid out, so the result is a better print model.

Benefits when treating the print bed
The new print beds can be easily removed from the printer, which for example offers a great advantage when using Dimafixspray (adhesion spray). This spray can not be used in the printer itself, because it can also end up in places where it can damage the printer. The alternative is the Dimafixpen, which can apply the adhesion material directed on the print bed, but the spray is more user-friendly, because it allows the adhesive material to be applied thinner and more evenly.

Now the print bed (the glass plate) can be completely prepared outside the printer. If you have multiple glass plates, you can prepare the plate in advance. Once the printer has finished the previous print and the bed is cool enough to remove the plate, a new plate can be inserted immediately. The previous plate with print can then cool down to the temperature at which Dimafix releases the print. Pure print time profit!

Prepared for the future
Of course, the development team of dddrop continues with the development process to continue to increase the user-friendliness of the printer. The focus will be on the development of various (print) beds with other surfaces and properties, in order to make the importance of the interchangeable print bed even larger.