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Meet dddrop at Control in Stuttgard this week

Phoenix Gmbh & Co.KG the German reseller of dddrop is present at the Control international trade fair this week. The Control trade fair explores all pertinent aspects in theory and offers a highly practical presentation of current worldwide offerings for useful technologies, processes, products and system solutions in the field of industrial quality assurance. And thus the nearly 900 manufacturers and exhibitors of QA equipment represented at Control make it possible for manufacturing companies and their suppliers to hone their competitive edge. The supplementary programme with world-class participants and the comprehensive exhibition and information portfolio will once again transform Stuttgart [...]

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dddrop at Innovation Square InNOWvate

  Would you like to learn more about our dddrop 3D printer and actually see the printer in action? Visit us the 24th of May at the Innovation Square at InNOWvate in Amersfoort. InNOWvate is an interactive innovation event organized by Supply Chain Media. Influential speakers as Fons Trompenaars and Paul Iske will inspire you to make your ideas become reality. Find the latest technologies at the Innovation Square, don’t miss the dddrop 3D printer in action. InNOWvate will be held on the 24th of May 2018 at the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. For tickets and more information visit the website.

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The Brazilian Edition of Inside 3D Printing will have dddrop

  Inside 3D Printing is the largest professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing event series worldwide. See how 3D printing is revolutionizing industries including manufacturing, medicine, architecture, aerospace, and more. dddrop will be participating in the Brazilian Edition Inside 3D on 11 and 12 June . It will be the first public display of dddrop in the Brazilian market. In the lectures of the congresses, taught by industry experts, participants will get to know 3D business printing applications and attend demonstrations of the latest in printers and services, including programs for designers, artists and manufacturers. Are you interested to learn more about [...]

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dddrop 3D printers at RapidPro, March 7-8th in Veldhoven Holland.

Come and see the latest dddrop features and materials! RapidPro is the leading international trade fair featuring solutions for all phases of prototyping, (low-volume) production, and product development. In this edition you will discover the latest developments in these fields, with a special focus on industrialization and tooling. Several additive manufacturing techniques are represented, like virtual prototyping, metrology and 3D printing. Of course, dddrop is also present. So come visit the Rapidpro at the 7th & 8th March, listen to inspiring speakers and visit us at stand number 28! Practical information: The RapidPro is organized at March 7th and 8th [...]

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dddrop case study: High-precision parts with poly-carbonate

FROM DESIGN TO MANUFACTURING “Ejair offers a broad range of services, from technical design to the production of small series. We also produce scale models and prototypes. These are very useful, because you directly hold a physical product. For the production of prototypes and small series, Erik-Jan uses the dddrop 3D printer. His customers are mainly machine manufacturers: “A lot of machine parts are not exposed to extreme stresses, temperatures or pressure. Because it concerns one-off or small series production, it’s very interesting to print those parts in 3D”. “I already possessed a hobby printer, but I needed a more [...]

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dddrop: printing your new house in 3D!

dddrop: printing your new house in 3D! Building your own house is an exciting project: What will it look like? Will it turn out the way you imagined? Sander Teunissen is the middle of such a construction project and dealt with the same questions until dddrop printed a 3D scale model of his house. The design When Sander and his wife bought the lot, they had the wish to design the house themselves, together with the architect. This way, they had the freedom to determine the layout and the angle of the light. Besides that, they decided to add solar [...]

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Nine landmarks 3D printed: De Achterhoek in 3D, a big success!

Exhibition: Achterhoek in 3D! Almost a year ago, an enthusiastic group of volunteers started an ambitious project: printing the Achterhoek in 3D. After a public voting phase, nine landmarks were chosen for production. The 3D print group used SOLIDWORKS to draw the buildings, after which they were printed with a dddrop 3D printer. Meanwhile, the project is finished and the prints of the buildings are shown in the Stadsmuseum in Doetinchem.           The process “We underestimated the drawing work” project employee Eefje Ernst says. “It was quite a lot of work, because the drawings need to [...]

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Carbon fiber parts with dddrop 3D printers

3D Printing strong Carbon-fiber parts with dddrop 3D printers At the dddrop 3D printer laboratory the range of printing materials is expanding continuously. The PETG+Carbon material gives our users new possibilities printing high strength parts for applications that demand more than just plastics. The Carbon fibers are really improving the, already quite tough, PETG material specs to new heights. The material is not only strong but also can endure rough (outside weather) conditions. For example: It can be used to print custom clutch levers for top-level motorsports. Just imagine what you can make, using a dddrop Leader PRO and PETG [...]

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Printing metal parts with dddrop 3D printers

Printing metal parts with dddrop The dddrop Leader PRO allows you to print full Stainless Steel parts at very competitive prices. dddrop developed parts, like special nozzles, to durable print the metal parts. Parts are 3D printed with a special metal filament: BASF Ultrafuse 316LX. After the 3D printing stage, the de-binding and sintering process is almost equal to the MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) pocess. The end result is a true and high quality Stainless Steel 316L part. Ask us for more information!

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dddrop Leader PRO: The future of professional 3D printing is now.

dddrop Leader PRO: The future of professional 3D printing is now. The new member in the dddrop leader family is the dddrop Leader PRO. The PRO has the the same base as the very successful dddrop Leader TWIN and is packed with all the features you can imagine: Intelligent Room Control: Controlling the build space temperature for every print you make, different and optimal for every material your print. This is essential for printing big models with more high tech materials like Metal, PA, PC, Carbon-filled materials etc.. Filament Management System: This module detects material states like, out-of-material or material-stuck. [...]

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