Dddrop launches the dddrop RAPID ONE

dddrop has Exciting News in the Near Future Doetinchem, March 4, 2020 - During an exclusive event CAD2M, as the proud Benelux reseller of dddrop, presented to the world the newest dddrop 3D printer for the first time: the RAPID ONE - a fully customizable, sizable 3D printer. A new era in 3D printingAt CAD2M, developers know that every engineer has different wishes and needs. For more than 25 years they have supported many complete product development processes in the manufacturing industry. CAD2M strives to organize every process as efficiently as possible and the new dddrop RAPID ONE 3D printer [...]

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Dddrop has Exciting News in the Near Future

dddrop has Exciting News in the Near Future On March 4th this year, dddrop is expected to launch its brand new printer at the RapidPro 2020 event in Veldhoven. The new model will introduce new technologies and featured that will unlock great possibilities and allow greater results. This will be the most advanced dddrop machine to ever be built and will be available for order shortly after the launch in March. The CAD2M Additive Manufacturing team wants to invite everyone to the RapidPro event to see, feel, and test the new generation 3D printer by dddrop. The last 3D printer [...]

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Berkvens Door Systems | dddrop

Berkvens Door Systems | dddrop   At Berkvens Door Systems, the entire production process takes place in-house: from idea to product, from research and development to production. Since the beginning of 2017, the dddrop 3D printer has been a part of this process, which has yielded unexpected benefits. Although the printer was purchased to produce parts for the end product, the Berkvens engineers are constantly discovering new applications for their dddrop 3D printer. In addition, dddrop helps them save time and expenses on prototyping and tooling. Berkvens Door Systems is the market leader in total solutions for sustainable interior doors, [...]

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Brekr Reveals an Electric Scooter Prototype Using dddrop 3D Printed Parts

Brekr Reveals an Electric Scooter Prototype Using dddrop 3D Printed Parts A powerful look, but without the noise, exhaust gasses and negative effects on the environment. Last month, Brekr revealed the highly anticipated prototype of their new electric moped, the Brekr Model B. The well-organized event took place in Dru Cultuurfabriek, Ulft hosting about 200 people, including journalists, representatives from supporting companies, as well as family members and friends of the Brekr team. The dddrop and CAD2M teams came to support Brekr and celebrate their outstanding achievement. 3D Printed Prototype  The Brekr model B prototype was a long time in [...]

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UNIMEP University: Computer Systems Lab Receives New Equipment By Capes-Financed Research Project

UNIMEP University (Brazil) Purchasing EVO Twin for Their Computer Systems Lab UNIMEP's Laboratory of Computational Systems for Design and Manufacturing (SCPM), located on the Santa Bárbara d'Oeste campus of the university and coordinated by prof. Klaus Schützer, received in March three 3D printers of the brand dddrop - model EVO Twin. The new acquisition for the laboratory came from resources made available by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (Capes) through the Intelligent Components in an Intelligent Production Environment (SCoPE) project. SCoPE is one of the projects linked to the Bragecrim program, a collaborative research [...]

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The Brazilian Edition of Inside 3D Printing will have dddrop 3D printers

  Inside 3D Printing is the largest professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing event series worldwide. See how 3D printing is revolutionizing industries including manufacturing, medicine, architecture, aerospace, and more. dddrop 3D printers will be participating in the Brazilian Edition Inside 3D on 10 and 11 June.  In the lectures of the congresses, taught by industry experts, participants will get to know 3D business printing applications and attend demonstrations of the latest in printers and services, including programs for designers, artists and manufacturers. Afred Uytdewilligen CEO at dddrop 3D printers will also gives the lecture: Smart 3D printing, a journey into the [...]

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Seminar | 3D printing for engineers

Why every engineer needs a 3D printer A survey of trade magazine and news site Made-in-Europe shows that more than 95% of the manufacturing industry sees 3D printing as a keeper. It is seen as an opportunity to tap new markets, make better products and stand out from the competition. Many companies are therefore planning to invest in this technology, but many see this only in the long term. The main reason for this is a lack of knowledge about the investment, the techniques and payback time. A sin, finds dddrop. That is why our Dutch reseller CAD2M organize [...]

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RapidPro 2019 | 13 -14 March

RapidPro is the leading international trade fair featuring solutions for all phases of prototyping, (low-volume) production, and product development. In this edition answer will be given to the question: Which techniques are most suitable when your product concept proceeds to prototyping and in production? Low volume, rapid or on demand production are important during this process. Especially for products that are not produced in massive volumes, you want to be able to produce flexibly or in customized batches. The fact that you do not always need a very high-quality and costly 3D printing technology, shows dddrop with the new dddrop [...]

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New matching printer cabinet

Fitting cabinet for dddrop 3D-printers Our dddrop team is always busy with the development of new products. This dedication resulted in the dddrop EVO Twin, the follower of the dddrop Leader Pro. This new 3D-printer, which has a huge touchscreen, has been launched recently. According to dddrop, the perfect moment to also launch a compliant cabinet. Collaboration with FM Industries When looking for a professional and trustful partner, dddrop got in touch with the German FM Industries Group. This is a worldwide operating organisation and market leader in cabinets for printers and copy machines. From a one-stop-shopping concept the company [...]

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3D printed dancing robot

Meet Elettre: The 3D printed dancing robot R2R and Smartrobot Solutions from the Netherlands built 'pole dance robot' Elettre by using the dddrop 3D printer. Richard Kuijpers and Richard Schaper are extremely proud of this dancing lady. The robot was built in just three weeks, with handmade parts and a 'body' that was made with their dddrop 3D printers. "What you see now is a first version. It shows only a fraction of what we can technically already do.” Elettre is a so-called cyborg with human dance moves. Is that a first in robot land? There is no robot that dances [...]

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