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dddrop: printing your new house in 3D!

dddrop: printing your new house in 3D! Building your own house is an exciting project: What will it look like? Will it turn out the way you imagined? Sander Teunissen is the middle of such a construction project and dealt with the same questions until dddrop printed a 3D scale model of his house. The design When Sander and his wife bought the lot, they had the wish to design the house themselves, together with the architect. This way, they had the freedom to determine the layout and the angle of the light. Besides that, they decided to add solar [...]

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Nine landmarks 3D printed: De Achterhoek in 3D, a big success!

Exhibition: Achterhoek in 3D! Almost a year ago, an enthusiastic group of volunteers started an ambitious project: printing the Achterhoek in 3D. After a public voting phase, nine landmarks were chosen for production. The 3D print group used SOLIDWORKS to draw the buildings, after which they were printed with a dddrop 3D printer. Meanwhile, the project is finished and the prints of the buildings are shown in the Stadsmuseum in Doetinchem.           The process “We underestimated the drawing work” project employee Eefje Ernst says. “It was quite a lot of work, because the drawings need to [...]

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Carbon fiber parts with dddrop 3D printers

3D Printing strong Carbon-fiber parts with dddrop 3D printers At the dddrop 3D printer laboratory the range of printing materials is expanding continuously. The PETG+Carbon material gives our users new possibilities printing high strength parts for applications that demand more than just plastics. The Carbon fibers are really improving the, already quite tough, PETG material specs to new heights. The material is not only strong but also can endure rough (outside weather) conditions. For example: It can be used to print custom clutch levers for top-level motorsports. Just imagine what you can make, using a dddrop Leader PRO and PETG [...]

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Printing metal parts with dddrop 3D printers

Printing metal parts with dddrop The dddrop Leader PRO allows you to print full Stainless Steel parts at very competitive prices. dddrop developed parts, like special nozzles, to durable print the metal parts. Parts are 3D printed with a special metal filament: BASF Ultrafuse 316LX. After the 3D printing stage, the de-binding and sintering process is almost equal to the MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) pocess. The end result is a true and high quality Stainless Steel 316L part. Ask us for more information!

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dddrop Leader PRO: The future of professional 3D printing is now.

dddrop Leader PRO: The future of professional 3D printing is now. The new member in the dddrop leader family is the dddrop Leader PRO. The PRO has the the same base as the very successful dddrop Leader TWIN and is packed with all the features you can imagine: Intelligent Room Control: Controlling the build space temperature for every print you make, different and optimal for every material your print. This is essential for printing big models with more high tech materials like Metal, PA, PC, Carbon-filled materials etc.. Filament Management System: This module detects material states like, out-of-material or material-stuck. [...]

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How to increase your 3D printing speed

How to increase your 3D printing speed Fast prototyping is possible with a 3D printer. However, sometimes a higher 3D printing speed is preferred. Our helpdesk often receive the question whether it is possible to increase the 3D printing speed. This is possible, but it may affect the quality of the 3D print. In this blog, you will find 5 ways to increase your 3D printing speed, but also the effects that it can have on the final product. 1. Customize default 3D printing speed The most common way is to adjust the print speed in the settings of [...]

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What are the advantages of the FDM technology?

What are the advantages of the FDM technology? There are many different 3D printing techniques. The best known techniques are: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). The SLS technique functions by repeatedly dosing a layer of powder on a powder bed. The form of the product is created by putting the laser on a selection of the powder bed. SLA functions by curing resin using a UV-laser, creating a product layer after layer. FDM is the most popular contemporary technology to create products. FDM technology The FDM technique is based on extrusion. By means [...]

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Visit dddrop 3D printers at Rapid.Tech 2017

VISIT DDDROP 3D PRINTERS AT RAPID.TECH 2017 From the 20th until the 22th of June we will be present with our 3D printers at Rapid.Tech 2017 in Erfurt, Germany. It is one of the most important fairs in the field of Additive Manufacturing. At the exhibition you will find information about Rapid Prototyping, end-production of products as well as series production. Furthermore, it is the place to be for developers, researchers, constructing engineers and users to exchange innovative ideas. Free entry tickets! The normal price for a day ticket is €25,-. However, via dddrop you can request a free admission [...]

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3D printing landmarks: project Achterhoek in 3D.

The project Achterhoek in 3D is in full swing. Do you remember the project ‘Achterhoek in 3D’? In this project the nine landmarks that represent the Achterhoek region the best are 3D printed. For this unique project the participants use the dddrop 3D printer. Now that the buildings with the most votes are known, the real work begins… First prints De Waag in Doesburg, Oude St. Helena church in Aalten and the quarry of Winterswijk are already printed. At the moment they practice on a smaller scale, but eventually the buildings will be 30 cm tall. According to Hans [...]

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Visit dddrop 3D printers at PROVADA

VISIT DDDROP 3D PRINTERS AT PROVADA 2017 PROVADA is the biggest real estate exhibition in Amsterdam the Netherlands, where experts and visitors come together over a period of 3 days to show the latest trends and innovations in the market. This year's theme is "Connecting the future".  Topics such as digitization, robotics, big date, 3D printing and much more will be addressed. Besides visiting exhibitors, you can follow several interesting events held in special forums and conference halls. May 30, 31 and June the first we will be present with our 3D printers at PROVADA 2017 in RAI Amsterdam.  Are you [...]

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