Firmware changes from 171204 to 171206

  • Bug-fix Service timer is now properly initialized from the eeprom

Firmware changes from 170808 to 171204

  • Printing time is now defined as the time that one heater is active or the motors are enabled
  • It is now possible to use filament change when the FFM detects a filament issue
  • Added an about menu where the firmware version, serial code, and printing times are shown
  • Time to service and total printing time is now displayed at start-up
  • When service is needed a small wrench is displayed at the status screen
  • It is now possible to start a print without filament while the FFM is enabled. However, the printer will issue a warning
  • The printer is now stopped when a MAX temp is detected
  • The printer now allows z movement when the printer is not homed. A warning informs the user that the printer is not homed
  • Leveling routine is now available from the prepare menu.