dddrop Premium ABS – 1.75mm – 1kg

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dddrop is testing different 3D printing filaments on a daily basis searching for the best quality and a best value for money.
dddrop delivers print settings for each type of filament: Saving you tons of time finding settings and providing you the best print quality.

Key features dddrop ABS filament:

  • For industrial applications, strong prototypes and end-user parts.
  • light and durable material
  • Stable printing and limited warping
  • Light smell during printing, use in well vented space.


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Material properties: Downloads:
  • Mass density: 1,03 g/cm³
  • Yield strength: 44 MPa
  • Strain at break: 9 %
  • E-Modulus: 2000 MPa
  • Impact strength: 35 KJ/m2
  • Vicat softening temp: 103 °C

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