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dddrop 3D printers are build with knowledge and passion. Knowledge to make the right technical choices and Passion to be the best. dddrop has a clear target: 100% customer satisfaction! The dddrop team is holding many years of experience in design, engineering and industrializing of products. Beside this we worked since 2004 with 3D printers professionally. All this knowledge is now bundled in the dddrop RAPID ONE. …and it shows, in every detail… People who know what they need for a great print…


On the right we show few of our valued customers. Customers who already had experience with 3D printing before they finally joined the dddrop family.

More information about the dddrop RAPID ONE:

Choose the print build volume you need

What differentiates the dddrop RAPID ONE from other 3D printers is its sizable frame. You can determine the dimensions of the build volume, assuming a minimum size of 300 x 300 x 300 mm, sizable in X – Y and Z directions.

Creating the optimum printing environment

The RAPID ONE has a closed print room, with fans in the rear wall. You can choose whether you want a HEPA-filter added as well. The print room can turn into a heated chamber in various ways. Ask for the possibilities.

For the optimal print result

Temperature control plays an important role in the print head as well. By means of a regulated liquid-cooling system, the print head temperature can be adjusted accurately. This will result in high-quality 3D prints.

Attach the print head that is suitable for your needs

Each print material requires a different print configuration to achieve the perfect 3D print.
Our 3D printer specialists will advise you on putting together the right configuration for

For the perfect first layer

Leveling the print bed has never been this uncomplicated. The RAPID ONE print head is equipped with a leveling sensor, which automatically adjusts the distance between print head and print bed. A perfect first print layer guaranteed.

The ideal environment for filaments

To achieve a perfect print you need to store the filaments rolls in a suitable environment. Filaments absorb moisture, which reduces print quality. An integrated drying room becomes the right environment to stored the filaments.


professional 3d printers

The service team at dddrop is manned by experienced 3D printer specialists. People who can offer you fast service in case of any problems. By dddrop you can choose a service plan that fit your needs: Gold, Silver or Bronze.


professional 3d printers

In Western Europe, the dddrop 3D printers are distributed by CAD2M. CAD2M has more than 12 years of experience with sales and support of high end 3D printers and more than 26 years experience in professional CAD/CAM support. The dddrop 3D printers are based on the latest knowledge in the field of 3D printing, backed by solid experience and customer support. We are adding more partners with expertise in 3D printing.


For more information please visit the dddrop RAPID ONE launch website and download the full specification brochure.