3D printing is a battle of temperatures. The dddrop LEADER 3D printer is well equipped for printing different materials with more strict temperature regimes. When room temperatures are colder the printer will stay cooler because of more dissipation from the printer to it’s environment. When room temperatures rise extra cooling or less heating can be needed to get the same results.
Especially when your printer works from a room without air-conditioning it can be useful to drop the print-bed temperature a bit further after the first layers.

Some tips:

  • For example to drop the print-bed temperature from 120 (ABS) to 100-110 when the room temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Make sure the fan in the back of the printer is on and running.
  • After the first layers, set the head fan higher, for example: Move it to 60% instead of 40%.

Just understand that the printer needs a warm print-area to keep models stress free and straight, but also keep temperature from getting too high that makes filament weak and get stuck in the transport wheel.

Happy printing!