What is the strongest filamt the dddrop offers?2019-11-19T09:24:49+01:00

Our strongest filament is currently Novamid® ID 1030 CF10. Click here to read more.

How can I watch a live stream of my 3D printer printing on my phone or table?2019-11-19T09:37:44+01:00

With the dddrop EVO Twin the user is able to follow the print live from a remote location. Using the 3D printer Smart module you can watch the feed of the internal camera and control the printer remotely.

What to do if the 3D printed model is stuck to the print bed after the print is done?2019-11-19T09:48:51+01:00

First, wait until the glass plate cools down before attempting to remove the print.

  • If your printer has a fixed glass print-bed that cannot be removed, spray water around the model and the model will get loose by itself.
  • If you have a swappable print-bed, remove the glass plate and put it in water.
What is the average length a 1kg/0.5kg Filament roll?2019-11-19T09:34:30+01:00

The average length of a 1kg filament ABS roll is 420 meters, while a length of a 0.5kg filament roll is 210 meters. The average length of a 1kg filament PLA roll is 360 meters, while a length of a 0.5kg filament roll is 180 meters.

How can I connect my 3D Printer to my PC wirelessly?2019-11-19T09:32:50+01:00

The EVO printers have a connection to the internet via LAN cable.

Are there wood filaments?2019-11-19T09:15:39+01:00

Yes. More information can be found on the wood filament information page.

Can I get a 3D test print from the dddrop printer?2019-11-19T09:14:47+01:00

Yes, click here for more information and order a free 3D printed test sample.

What to do if the printer nozzle is clogged?2019-11-19T09:13:11+01:00

Use the “cold pull” method.

  1. Heat up the extruder to 175°
  2. Push a piece of filament into the nozzle from the top.
  3. Pull the filament out.

Any material left in the nozzle will be pulled out. Repeat this several times using a new piece of filament.

What to do when the printing head shifts during the printing process and continues to print at a different location?2019-11-19T09:10:01+01:00

Try to find out why this happened. This mainly occurs after a hard hit.

If not, please contact our customer service team. You can send the STL, G-code and the factory file to cs@dddrop.com and we will help you solve the issue.

Note: You will need to have a valid bronze, silver or gold service contract.

The printer stopped feeding the filament during a print, what should I do?2019-11-19T09:02:03+01:00

Find the reason for the filament feeding failure. In most cases, the reason for feeding failure is that the filament reel ran out or the nozzle gets clogged.

Where can I get the all the information about the filaments materials (Such as datasheets, user guides, and safety information)?2019-09-06T12:53:41+02:00

All the information needed can be found on the dddrop support page.

The 3D printer indicates that it is due for servicing, what should I do?2019-11-19T08:57:41+01:00

Email our support team at cs@dddrop.com. Be ready to tell us how many hours of run time the printer had thus far. Our team will help you decide which maintenance procedure has to be performed.

How to print with supporting layers that are made from different material then the main print?2019-11-19T08:49:30+01:00

Download the correct .fff file, for the 3D printer you are using from the printer setting section of the dddrop support page (click here).

  1. To print with PLA as the main material and PVA as support material choose PLA-PVA.
  2. To print with ABS as the main material and PVA+ as support material choose ABS – PVA+.
How to print with dual extrusion?2019-11-14T12:09:22+01:00

If you are not sure how to print with dual extrusion, please contact our support team and we will be happy to explain using Teamviewer. You need to have a valid bronze, silver or gold service contract.

How to change a filament reel?2019-11-19T09:54:38+01:00

Use the option “change filament” on the menu of the printer’s interface. Follow the step by step instruction guide.

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