In the initial phase of 3D printing, the market was divided in to 2 markets: the professional printers offer the best features, but where not affordable for many companies. The cheaper printers were unreliable and hobby-like. Alfred Uytdewilligen had the hope that these two extremes would crawl towards each other. A meeting in the middle would have to deliver an affordable, reliable and professional 3D printer. When this had not happened in 2012 he decided to do it himself. Under the traditional dutch name dddrop he developed, in cooperation with customers, the first affordable and professional 3D printer.

A survey of trade magazine and news site Made-in-Europe shows that more than 95% of the manufacturing industry sees 3D printing as a keeper. It is seen as an opportunity to tap new markets, make better products and stand out from the competition. Many companies are therefore planning to invest in this technology, but many see this only in the long term. The main reason for this is a lack of knowledge about the investment, the techniques and payback time. A sin, finds dddrop. That is why they organize the seminar: “3D printing for engineers”  on July 25th, August 23th and September  19th at CAD2M (our Dutch reseller) in Doetinchem. Register now.

In the sessions answers are given to the most frequently asked questions about 3D printing: what are the possibilities and what should you take into account? But also: what are the costs and what does a 3D printer deliver?  You will discover, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of the different printing techniques SLS, SLA and FDM. You will also see how you can save money with 3D printing, because it saves capacity within your organization.

Of course there will be explained why the dddrop printer is extremely suitable for 3D printing by engineers. The unique thing about the dddrop is that it combines all the important features, for an acceptable price. It has a closed cupboard and it offers a large building volume, a heated bed and a high print speed. An additional advantage is the open platform: you can use any filling you want. Uytdewilligen keeps listening to its customers and so the development continuous. Dddrop plans to come up with the dddrop Smart this year, an upgrade of the current dddrop Leader. It offers new features such as an internal camera and the possibility to control the printer remotely.

After the theory, live printing can begin. After drawing a model in SOLIDWORKS and implement the right settings, the model is easily transferred to the dddrop Leader by SD card. From that moment on the process is automatic and you can walk away from the printer.